Art Attack

                                   Walt:Create Artist Inspired Art.
Artist: Raewyn Harris

Art Attack Week

On Monday we chose colours that go together and that we liked. We looked at complementary colours because they compliment each other. You can find complementary colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.
On Tuesday we made pencil drafts and getting the idea of what we are doing.
On Wednesday we did our chalk draft and some people dyed their draft.
On Thursday we did our good copy and used chalk to draw what our idea was. Most of us got to colouring in.
And on Friday, we just had to finish what we have not done.

I am proud of my art.My favourite part of my picture is the waves.

Next time I would spend more time on the koru, taking more time to colour it in.I rushed a little because I wanted to get it finished on time.

By Ralph

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