My Habitat Collage

WALT:Describe different habitat in New Zealand and species that live in them

Success Criteria
I can identify several animals species groups and the habitats they live in. I can give reasons why they belong to this group. I can give reasons why they live in this habitat.

This is my Collage. My animals fell off but there was a kiwi and a pukeko. There are trees and a waterfall in my collage. To make the trees I used dead sticks then put the green paper on the sticks to make some trees then I used leaves for trees because there were no more sticks.


What I enjoyed the first two first weeks?

I like doing these two weeks were making the dragon lantern two weeks.
5 things I learned?

I learned the colour of the China dragon like yellow red green gold.

You put a little bit of fire in the middle of the lantern.

Turn in to a circle then glue.

And you have to put hole in the dragon lantern.

They flout because the fire make gas.