Arion FarmPark

At Aion Farm Park I liked the guinea pigs because they felt like little pillows. They also made little noises and i had lots of fun after a.While we got to go and see the big big!!!!!!!!! rabbit!!!! I got to lift one up but it was not the big one at all the pig was chasing. My friend and i learnt that the colour of the cichken ear i the colour of the shell of the egg. And i learnt thst a peacock is a boy and a peafowl is a girl

I am learning to use comic book.

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Adjectives and Nouns

WALT add adjective to nouns

1. the turtle,hard and wide,was down on the sand.
2.the wide,hard turtle was down on the sand.

3.the tree,big and long,was on the soft dirt.
4.the long,big tree was on the soft dirt.

email to my blogger

i am learning to send an email to my blog


in maths i thought a person a strategy today.

Welcome Post

 Welcome to my learning blog for 2015.
I will be adding posts by myself.