Book Review

        Your Review
How did the story make you feel? Were there funny or scary bits?

The Story Is Very Interesting And It's Easy To Get Into The Story And It's funny and kinda weird
But it’s very interesting and adventurous That’s why i like it is very easy to get into and very enjoyable


What did the story make you think about? Did you learn anything from the story?

Captain underpants because they are the same i have learned just be the way you
Are don’t change because of people just be yourself

Would you recommend the book to a friend? Why?
If you didn't like the book can you think why?
Who would like the book?

I would recommend to everyone that likes comedy and things that are silly and people who like captain underpants

My Rating for this book                 

Book Review

Draw an alternative title page for the book here or upload a photo of a drawing you have done.

Image result for dogman full 3d book

Title:DogMan Unleashed
Author:Dav Pilkey
Genre:Graphic Novel
Reviewed by:Ralph

The Characters
Who are the main characters in the story?
What are they like?

Dogman:Weird but smart
Chief:Angry but nice and dumb
Kitty:A genius smart and evil

The Story
What happens in the story?
Dogman was sitting on the chief couch when the fake mayor came said to chief you're fired
Then dog hugged chief then dogman heard something fake mayor was talking to dr evil…..

Your Review
Which parts did you like and why?
Do you have a favourite part of the book?
Story Three
Robo cop
Its super interesting and secretive

Which parts didn't you like and why? Were there parts of the book that you thought could've been changed to make the book better?
I liked all of the story and i like it the way it is.

Multicultural Week

Writing: Meet Pepa!

Meet Pepa

Pepa is a nice and friendly dog she likes to play outside and inside. Her favorite toy Buzzy Bee when we go outside Pepa likes to run with me.but when you first meet you she runs away and barks at you then you you see for a long time she comes and cuddles you.

Pepa is the colour grey,white and a little black around her mouth she slobbers but  it’s really funny and that's why I love Pepa.

Pepa dislikes having a bath and being alone in the car she also dislikes meeting other dogs because she might think we like the. Other one  more but when you first meet you she runs away and barks at you.

Ralph (Dance)

Term One Writing!

Breaking News!

Uncontrollable fire destroys port hills!
On 13 February 2017 a random fire started at port hills.

The fire keeps on spreading through port hills destroying trees and houses.
As you can see a helicopter passing by dropping big water.
Buckets on the fire trying to put it out and planes dropping a kind of red
dust that extinguish the fire from spreading and slowing it down.
During the fire David Steven crashed trying to stop a fire.
He was a helicopter pilot.

Are you scared?
Do you feel alone?

by Ralph

My Habitat Collage

WALT:Describe different habitat in New Zealand and species that live in them

Success Criteria
I can identify several animals species groups and the habitats they live in. I can give reasons why they belong to this group. I can give reasons why they live in this habitat.

This is my Collage. My animals fell off but there was a kiwi and a pukeko. There are trees and a waterfall in my collage. To make the trees I used dead sticks then put the green paper on the sticks to make some trees then I used leaves for trees because there were no more sticks.


What I enjoyed the first two first weeks?

I like doing these two weeks were making the dragon lantern two weeks.
5 things I learned?

I learned the colour of the China dragon like yellow red green gold.

You put a little bit of fire in the middle of the lantern.

Turn in to a circle then glue.

And you have to put hole in the dragon lantern.

They flout because the fire make gas.

Arion FarmPark

At Aion Farm Park I liked the guinea pigs because they felt like little pillows. They also made little noises and i had lots of fun after a.While we got to go and see the big big!!!!!!!!! rabbit!!!! I got to lift one up but it was not the big one at all the pig was chasing. My friend and i learnt that the colour of the cichken ear i the colour of the shell of the egg. And i learnt thst a peacock is a boy and a peafowl is a girl